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The Legacy of Leadership as a Warrant Officer



WARRANT The Legacy of Leadership as a Warrant Officer is sold out. Since the book was current as of September 2006 and many events of warrant officer historical significance have taken place since then we have decided not to reprint it. On April 7, 2010, the Board of Directors of the Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation set 2018 as the planned release date for the next Warrant Officer History Book edition. The Title of the book has not yet been selected but the theme will center around the July 9, 1918 birthday of the Army Warrant Officer in the Mine Planter Service of the Coast Artillery and the 100 Years thereafter.


About the book

This book centers around the history of the Army Warrant Officer from July 1918, the official Birthday of the Corps, & progresses through the many changes that the Warrant Officer has gone including insignia changes and integration of the Army Warrant Officers into the various Army branches. It also contains a Dedication to Fallen Warrant Officers since that fateful day of 9-11-2001, plus a listing of their names. It also outlines the Warrant Officer Programs of the other U.S. Uniformed Services, histories of the various Warrant Officer Associations, Clubs, and Foundations including Warrant Officers Association U.S. Army, Chief Warrant & Warrant Officers Association of the U. S. Coast Guard, Warrant Officers Association of the United States of America, C.H.A.N.W.O.S., U.S. Army Warrant Officers Association, U.S. Marine Corps Warrant Officers Clubs, USAWOA Scholarship Foundation, and Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation. Included are pictures plus information about Warrant Officer Medal Of Honor Winners, other Warrants of historical significance, and the Army's only Warrant Officer Astronaut.  The back of the book contains pictures and short biographies submitted by Warrant Officers. This History book will become a valued keepsake for Warrant Officers of all the services. A portion of the proceeds went to the Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation to support a Warrant Officer Historical exhibit and to construct a Memorial in the Washington, DC area to honor all Fallen Warrant Officers.



In 1996, the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association (USAWOA) and the Turner Publishing Company produced a book entitled: "U.S. Army Warrant Officers."  The cover shows the late Don Stivers' artwork, "The Quiet Professional."  Commonly called the "history book," this book contains 144 pages of text and photos that presents the history of the Army Warrant Officer Corps from 1916 to 1994.  The book also contains more than 300 biographies of warrant officers.  These officers contributed to the history of our Corps - be their contribution small or large. This original history book is also sold-out and there are no plans to reprint it.


In August 2004, when Turner Publishing approached USAWOA about a History Book Volume II, USAWOA turned over the project to the newly formed Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation. The Foundation was formed to preserve the history and heritage of the Army Warrant Officer. The royalties from the book project would assist the Foundation in their goals to to construct a Warrant Officer Historical Exhibit and to construct a Memorial to Fallen Warrant Officers.


In September 2004, an Agreement was signed with Turner Publishing Company to produce the book. Turner Publishing also printed the original U. S. Army Warrant Officer history book.


The book expanded on the history portrayed in the original USAWOA Book.  A chronological history of the Army Warrant Officer, July 1918 to April 2006, is presented.  The book also includes a narrative of Warrant Officer Associations, Clubs, and Foundation and their contributions over the years.  It also outlines the Warrant Officer programs of the other Uniformed Services. USAWOA members  were invited to place an up to 250-word biography in the book; and if desired, two accompanying pictures. Non-member Warrant Officers were also invited to place a biography and pictures with the pre-purchase of a the new History Book.


The book also features a Dedication in tribute to our fallen Warrant Officer comrades.


Noted military artist, the late Don Stivers, who painted "LET GO!" and the USAWOA granted permission for this picture to appear on the dust cover of the Book.


A portion of the book proceeds went to the creation of a Memorial to our Fallen Warrant Officers comrades, hopefully to be placed in the Memorial Garden at the National Museum of the United States Army planned for Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The Foundation earned almost $700.00 from sales of the book.


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