Warrant Officer History Book Cover

Featuring "LET GO!" by noted military artist the late Don Stivers on the cover

WARRANT - The Legacy of Leadership as a Warrant Officer

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Table of Contents


Cover (with title, Eagle Rising, Warrant Officer Insignia of Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. The cover also features the print "LET GO!" by noted military artist Don Stivers. The print portrays the Army Mine Planter Service)


Fly page (with book identification, origin of Eagle Rising, and Table of Contents)


Dedication (This History Book is dedicated to our fellow Warrant Officers who made the supreme sacrifice between 9/11/2001 and 9/11/2005 in the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and while participation in Operations Noble Eagle, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.


Acknowledgements (Warrant Officer Heritage Foundation Letter of introduction with acknowledgements)


Letter from the Publisher (Letter from Dave Turner introducing the Book)


Chapter I - Introduction (Introduction to the Warrant Officer preceding Birth of the Army Warrant Officer)


Chapter II - Birth of the Army Warrant Officer Corps 1918 (early history)


          1918 - 1949

          1975 - 1983

          1984 - 1988

          1989 - 1991

          1992 - 1996

          1997 - Present


Chapter III - Summary (includes some stats and a list of Warrant Officer Job Titles by Army Branch)


Chapter IV - What is in the Future for Army Warrant Officers?


Chapter V - Army Warrant Officers History of Insignia of Grade (with color pictures)


Chapter VI - Origin of the Term "Quiet Professional"


Chapter VII - Warrant Officer Programs of the Other Uniformed Services


          U. S. Air Force

          U.S. Coast Guard

          U.S. Marine Corps

          U.S. Navy

          U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps


Chapter VIII - Studies and Reports Pertaining to Warrant Officers of All Services

  • DoD Report on WOMA

  • The Warrant Officer Ranks: Adding Flexibility to Military Personnel Management" published by the Congressional Budget Office.

  • Ninth Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation Report

Chapter IX - Code of the U.S. Uniformed Forces Warrant Officer


Chapter X - Warrant Officer Associations, Clubs, and Foundations


Chapter XI - Chief Warrant Officers and Warrant Officers Association, U.S. Coast Guard


Chapter XII - Warrant Officers Association U.S. Army


Chapter XIII - Warrant Officers Association of the United States of America


Chapter XIV - United States Army Warrant Officers Association


Chapter XV - USAWOA Scholarship Foundation


Chapter XVI - Warrant Officers Heritage Foundation


Chapter XVII - Credits (lists the major contributors to the contents of this book)


Chapter XVIII - Biographies and Pictures of Warrant Officers (submitted by WO)


          Pictures & biographies are included for some key Warrant Officers in the history of the Corps:

  •  CWO Michael A. Quinto, Bandmaster 1881-1962)

  •  CW4 (Ret) Frederick E. Ferguson, Aviator, Medal of Honor 1968

  •  CW4 (Ret) Michael J. Novosel, Aviator, Medal of Honor 1969

  •  CWO (Ret) Louis R. Rocco, WO (then SFC), Medal of Honor,1970

  •  CWO Stephen Lawrence, then Aviator, Distinguished Service Cross 1971

  •  CW3 (Ret) Roscoe V. Watts, Sr, Vessel Master, 1962-2005

  •  CW4 (Ret) Thomas J. Hennen, Astronaut, 1991

Following the above Chapters are pictures and biographies submitted directly by individual Warrant Officers


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